December 18th, 2007

My Sailor Moon Collection


Here is my Sailor Moon Collection that is starting to grow.
(I have tons more that I will sell so I don't consider apart of my doll collection)

(Updated 1-1-11)

Currently housing 35 Dolls and 7 outfits:
-1 Korean, 2 European, 17 Japanese, 2 American, 8 Italian, 1 German
-3 R,8 S, 6 SS,6 Eternal, 5 Usagi (these numbers are not up to date)

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My Other Collections

Here is where I like to show off my other collections.

These are anime dolls other than Sailor Moon that I've collected so far:

Here are Haruko and Mamimi from FLCL (Fooly Cooly) by Takara

First all I wanted was Mamimi, but the person sent me the wrong doll
and told me to keep Haruko as an apology :]
So I got 2 dolls for around $15! lol

I took both the dolls out so I could fix their hair and put their accessories on

I love Mamimi.. she and I share alot of personality traits..
So I had to have her...
I wish Mamimi came with more accessories like Haruko
Like maybe her camera, her cat, or that red video game she plays.

3. Boogiepop Phantom girl

this doll is also by Takara. she cost me about $90 on YJ
she's extremely hard to find....

chelseacandy NANA jenny dolls customized by her of course with awesome NANA accessories...

Also SetsunaKou has made a  custom Ryoko doll from Tenchi Muyo
She's the second most influential character to my art back then.. so I needed one.

My Little Pony Collection:

Yea... haha I collect these too, although I haven't bought a pony in forever..
These are my first generation ponies.
I also have a ton of second generation ponies..
I don't like the third generation too much.. so I'm leaving it at that :]

Yes I have a few doubles.. and no.. I will not sell them...
BUT I will trade them and a few of these other I don't quite care for as much
as long as I get a pony in return..
some of them I had played alot with.. so their hair are frizzy.
for those.. I will trade two in return for one.
Most of the ones in the second photo I will not trade if it is not a double.
I like flutter ponies and sister or pretty ponies the most.