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hello dollface

a pretty liitle girl kept sealed in a box

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This is me ^^ Name/Alias:
Veronica Beyer/br00tal_bby

Houston, TX


I always loved to draw ever since I could pick up a pencil. Mainly I drew Bugs Bunny, MLP, and animals.. but then one day I stayed home sick from school and watched Sailor Moon for the first time.. She opened up a world to me of all kinds of anime and my love for human figure. It's really because of her that I am the artist I am today. I probably would still be an artist.. but I can imagine life without her.

these are a few of my favorite things:
faith: nothing happens for a reason, athiest
essentials: Teddy bears (like my bf), Hello Kitty, M.A.C. cosmetics, purple hair
fashion: punk, metal, studs n leather, Vivienne Westwood, Gucci parfume, LV, prada
bands: Brand New, Emery, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Liza Minnelli
art: MC Escher, Salvador Dali, the human figure, typography, graphic design, cameras- holga and SX-70 diana f+
anime: Sailor Moon; Evangelion

1. How long have you been collecting Sailor Moon items?
Since Mid-November 2007 haha..

2. How many items are in your collection?
technically 20 dolls, a ton of posters, a few random things.

3. Do you keep your items in the box or are you a ‘de-boxer’?
de-box to fix hair and accessories.. then BACK into the box

4. How do you display your collection?
They are stacked in a giant shelf in my room

5. What was the first piece that started the whole thing?
Technically I had Irwin Princess Serenity and Sailor Jupiter as a kid BUT when I came across Beauty Change Eternal Sailor Moon for $10, my collection was spawned.

6. What is your favorite/most treasured/meaningful piece in your collection?
I have more elaborate dolls than her, but BC ESM would have to be it.. i Couldn't let her go even for 10x what I bought her for..

7. What is your most desired collection piece that has yet to be acquired?
Definitely PRINCIPESSA SERENITY! The Italian version of Neo-Queen Serenity...

8. What is your favorite category (dolls, cels, etc) for collecting from and why?
I really love collecting dolls.. I guess because of being a girl, and because they look like the character I admire so much.

9. Is there any item/character that you wish had been made into a toy?
Sailor Cosmos into a doll would be super cool..

10. Where do/did you find most of the items in/for your collection?
Yahoo Japan

11. What is the greatest length you have gone to for a particular item?
Well.. I'm in the middle of a buy/trade to help someone get a doll off YJ and I'm paying part of it, so I can get a Myu ESM

12. What is the most expensive item in your collection?
-I spent an equal amount of $250 after shipping, fees, and commission on both Excellent Team SM and Moon Crisis SSM.

13. What was the best bargain you’ve ever managed to get?
-I would say buying my Myu dolls. I made probably 3x the price I paid when I sold the extras.

14. How do you feel about bootlegs?
I think they're dumb?

15. Do you have plans to sell your collection in the future?

16. Do any of the items in your collection have a neat story behind them?
Well I would guess BC ESM again.. because she was so cheap, the first one, AND because I made a stop motion of 300 pictures of her transformation for an assignment lol. You can watch it on Youtube!

17. What do your friends/family think of your hobby?
At first my dad condoned it.. now He and my boyfriend get upset when I spend $200 on a doll lol

18. Do you collect anything else, or just Sailor Moon related items?
I have a collection of G1 and G2 My Little Pony, and I collect dolls from other anime I like mainly made by Takara

19. What do you think the lowest quality/least desired kind of Sailor moon
item is?

Some of those figures that are out there.. the painting is bad.

20. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

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